Marble is a natural stone mined in quarries across the world and has been an artistic medium for millennia. This stone comes in a large variety of color and movement and is known for its beauty and elegance.

Marble is a soft and porous stone, which makes it more suitable for low traffic areas such as bathrooms and end tables. Marble is not generally recommended for kitchen surfaces.

How does marble compare to other materials?

  • Marble offers beauty without the prices found in other materials.
  • Similar to granite, marble should be sealed periodically. Quartz surfaces do not need sealed.
  • Compared to granite and quartz, marble is softer and more prone to scratching.
  • Unlike quartz, marble is porous and left unsealed can become a habitat for bacteria.


Common acids such as fruit juices, vinegar and some cleaners can etch marble and shouldn't be allowed to sit on the stone.

Unsealed, marble can be stained by oil, wine, fruit juices, and other liquids. By sealing your marble surface, these substances won't be as likely able to penetrate into the stone.

The Yard carries MORE Stone Sealer, which will seal your surface for up to 8 years. Sealing takes between 30 - 60 minutes and costs $30 - $50 depending on surface size. You can read the manufacturer's instructions here.

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